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HOT Password Manager - Flow & Sample


Action (Steps)


1. Generate Password

2j*Hf&s4Wv8m --> Randomly generates Cryptographically Strong Password

2. Provide OS User

RTGSAdmin (Can be any Admin or Service Account)

3. Fetch Tasks owned by OS User

RTGS Data Backup

4. Fetch Services run by OS User

1) RTGS Data Transfer Service 2) RTGS Replication Service

5. Proceed to Change Password

Approve / Reject the Change.

6. Password for User changed

Password of “RTGSAdmin” changed to 2j*Hf&s4Wv8m

7. Password changed for Tasks

Password for Task “RTGS Data Backup” changed in Task Scheduler

8. Password changed for Services

Password for Service “RTGS Replication Service” changed in Service Manager

10. Password with Double Encryption

Encrypted password stored in Password protected & Encrypted DB File

11. Generates Audit Trail

13-Oct-2014 17:06:31 : Cryptographically Random Password generated
13-Oct-2014 17:09:29 : Fetched Task "RTGS Data Backup" owned by RTGSAdmin
13-Oct-2014 17:09:30 : Fetched Service "RTGS Replication Service" run by RTGSAdmin
13-Oct-2014 17:10:12 : Newly generated Password opened.