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HOT Password Manager
HOT Password Manager (HPM v1.21) - A tool that randomly generates Cryptographically Strong Passwords, applies to OS Users; DB Users; Tasks; Services; others, Encrypts & Stores it for future use and maintains Audit Trail of all the activities performed using this tool. It can be used as :

An IT Automation Tool (Automates the SysAdmin / DBA activities)
A Security Tool (Enhances Data Security)
A Compliance Tool (Compliance with Password Policies, ISO / PCI-DSS / NIST Standards)
An Audit Tool / Change Management Tool (Makes Password Change activity Auditable)

Download HPM v1.21 Evaluation Copy
Flow of HPM Application and Sample at each step

You can use this evaluation copy and check its usefulness to your environment. While it is built to use as it is for small setups, we can easily set up and customize to meet any requirements. Adequate testing must be performed before putting into production use.

Contact Us for assistance, guidance, support, customization, feedback, suggestions, comments or to purchase / acquire this product.

Tested & Supported on : Intel & AMD CPUs, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 R2 Standard. Works on 32 bits + 64 bits Operating Systems and Azure Cloud. (Requires .NET v4.x)

HOT Password Manager - Features & Benefits
Type of Feature HPM - Features HPM - Benefits
Automation Automates Password generation activitya) Reduces manual work and hence reduces errors
b) Improves IT Productivity
Automates Password changing activity
(in OS, in Task Scheduler and in Service Manager)
a) Need not keep extended expiry period for Service Accounts
b) Apply same Password Policy for all User IDs
Single Screen / Interface / Click to change passwords
(Easily Addresses all activities related to Password Change at once)
a) Reduces downtime
b) Reduces no. of Policy Deviations / Exceptions
Can be customized :
a) To change passwords of all Tasks & Services owned by User,
b) To change hard-coded passwords in Filesystems; Applications; DBs; etc.,
c) To take feed of New password from existing Password Vault, if one exists,
d) To generate the passwords in line with Password Standard of the organization
Tune to Policies of the organization and to the Regulations they follow
Auditing Generates Audit Trail of each and every Password Change actiona) Use the logs as Audit evidence of password change activity
b) Can be integrated with SIEM
Data SecurityGenerates Cryptographically Strong and Complex passwordsMakes Password Breaking most difficult
Generates Random PasswordsMakes Password Guessing most difficult
Passwords are stored in password protected + encrypted Repository (uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] / Rijndael algorithm)Passwords are kept safe & secure
Stored Passwords can be easily retrieved (using Repository password)No need to remember / note down passwords
Possible to have dual custody of passwordsa) Segrregation of Duties
b) Accountability
Shows generated / stored passwords for very short periodSafeguards password from unauthorized disclosure and misuse
ComplianceMeets requirements of Regulation, Standards / Frameworks, Organization Policies and Industry best practicesHelps compliance to RBI, MAS, HKMA, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, ...
GovernanceMajor Derived Benefits (Collective of all the benefits mentioned above)Gives Competitive Advantage
Reduces COST
Reduces Reputational Risk

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