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dot net programming nuggets

What is the course about?

The course provides and explains the working C# codes for each of the concepts (Choice of > 25 such working solutions - the NUGGETS). It consists of practical techniques & tricks used in C# programs (with a bit of C++ code). Participants will perform hands-on with working code (C# Nuggets). The techniques/tricks are from following technologies/Windows features (that can be practically put to use in various Application Projects):

concepts covered
.NET SMTP Mailing ActiveX Control WMI Cryptography
Task Scheduler IPC File Systems Windows Services COM
Powershell Event Logs Web CLR PDF

5 Sample Techniques/Tricks (Nuggets) covered in the Course (More than 25 such Nuggets to choose from)

  • How to write Powershell snap-ins?
  • How to load and execute executable (.exe file) in memory?
  • How to use Password Based Key Derivation function (Encrypt based on Password) in your application?
  • How to host .NET CLR from C++?
  • How to get notified for an event occuring in FileSystem?

Methodology to be followed for a given technique/trick

  • Explain Core Concepts behind a given technique / trick
  • Construct the Pseudo-code based on scenario
  • Write your own code based on the understanding of core concept and pseudo-code
  • Make it operational, if possible (by tweaking and trying various options)
  • Compare with the working sample of the technique / trick

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