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Our Niche HOT Services (TATSAT Range of Services / Solutions)

Our Services / Solutions broadly falls into 3 areas :
Information Security - Secure Automation - Trainings

Information Security

information security

We provide following Services under this : Security Review, Setup Enterprise Security, Compliance Assessment, Risk Management, Hardening Review, Security Audits, Compliance to Regulatory requirements / Organizational Policies and Industry Standards. We have requisite experience in dealing with the Regulators and the Management of the Organizations for formation of IT Governance and Information Security Policies / Standards. This expertise of understanding the Management Intent and Interpretation of Regulatory requirements helps us in giving sound advise to our clients and assist them to implement, achieve and maintain Compliance.

Technology Automation

technology automation

We can automate/customize any mundane and repetitive IT Activity or any IT Operations Processes (Massaging Data in Windows / Linux / AIX / Solaris / Databases / Devices). The indicative list of activities that can be automated are:

Dashboard of Digital Certificates deployed on WebServers, Routers, Appliances alongwith expiry dates and Owners Send Alert (SMS / Email) when size of Tablespace or an Important File increases beyond set threshold Massage the output of IT tools and convert them into requisite format (IT teams spent MAXIMUM time for this activity in juggling Excel files). We have developed a Security & IT Automation Product - HOT Password Manager. The Automation of IT activities / processes has potential to save upto 25 days of time of SysAdmin / DBA teams per activity.



We have unique way of training where you learn the tricks of the trade and Tehnology topics in-depth. We have training programs for :