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About HOT
A young company built on the Strong foundation of 25 years of managing IT / InfoSec departments in Indian & Foreign Banks with international exposure. This rich experience is neatly interwooven with relevant industry Certifications.

We provide niche & unique Security centric IT Services / Solutions - TATSAT range of Services & Solutions are designed with focus on Data Security. We can provide such Security centric services / solutions as we understand length & breadth of data (from bits/bytes in Hard Disks right upto the Business Process and everything in between). We know the journey that Enterprise data takes from memory of Busness professionals to memory of a computer system.

Our following capabilities helps in AUTOMATION - INFORMATION SECURITY - TRAINING :

* We are the Data Manipulators - We Automate and make Stored / Processed / In-Transit Data dance to our tune

* We Encrypt Data (Data Encryption) - We Secure your Data in many ways e.g. by Encrypting Passwords that appear in Clear Text

* We Build Security tools - Data Masking, Data Sanitizer, Password Manager, Automated DB Query tool, File / Data Encryption, etc.

* We Train you like nobody else does - We teach you the tricks of the trade and Tehnology topics in-depth

Benefits from our Services / Solutions
a) Reduces manual work and hence reduces errors.
c) Reduces downtime
e) Reduces COST
g) Inegrate with SIEM for on-going monitoring
i) Reduces Reputational Risk
k) Accountability
m) Helps you meet Compliance with Organizational Policies and Regulatory Requirements
Benefits from our Services / Solutions
b) Improves IT Productivity
d) Reduces no. of Policy Deviations / Exceptions
f) Produces Audit evidences
h) Reduces number of Security Incidents
j) Segrregation of Duties
l) Gives Competitive Advantage
n) Increases Data Security (Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability)

Certifications - ISACA (CISA & CISM), CobiT, ITIL, ISO (ISO27001 Implementation), CISSP - CBK Review, Risk Mgt, PCI-DSS, EC Council (Ethical Hacker - CEH), Oracle DBA , etc.

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