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.NET Programming Nuggets

What is the Course all about?
The course provides and explains the working C# codes for each of the concepts (Choice of > 25 such working solutions - the NUGGETS). It consists of practical techniques & tricks used in C# programs (with a bit of C++ code). Participants will perform hands-on with working code (C# Nuggets). The techniques / tricks are from following technologies / Windows features (that can be practically put to use in various Application Projects):
Concepts Covered
.NETSMTP MailingActiveX Control
WMICryptoGraphyTask Scheduler
IPCFileSystemWindows Services
Methodology to be followed for a given technique / trick
1.Explain Core Concepts behind a given technique / trick
2.Construct the Pseudo-code based on scenario
3.Write your own code based on the understanding of core concept and pseudo-code
4.Make it operational, if possible (by tweaking and trying various options)
5.Compare with the working sample of the technique / trick
5 Sample Techniques / Tricks that will be covered in the Course
(More than 25 such techniques / tricks (Nuggets) to choose from)
1.How to write Powershell snap-ins?
2.How to load and execute executable (.exe file) in memory?
3.How to use Password Based Key Derivation function (Encrypt based on Password) in your application?
4.How to host .NET CLR from C++?
5.How to get notified for an event occuring in FileSystem?
Please Note
* All codes compiled using command-line

* No third party Libraries used

* Relevant books are available for reference

* Internet access

* Takeaway - All code samples tried and tested in class
While code snippets provided with the course material are operational from functionlity point of view, there may exist various other code constructs :

a. That may be more secure
b. That may give more performance benefits
c. That may be more suitable for a particular scenario

Most of the material is already available on Internet


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