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Everything is Relative. Anything is possible under given conditions & limits.

Our Niche HOT Services (TATSAT Range of Services / Solutions)
Our Services / Solutions broadly falls into 3 areas : Technology Automation - Trainings - Information Security
Technology Automation
We can Automate / Customize any mundane / repetitive IT Activity or any IT Operations Processes (Massaging Data in Windows / Linux / AIX / Solaris / Databases / Devices). The indicative list of activities that can be Automated (Absolutely no Manual intervention required) are:

     *  Dashboard of Digital Certificates deployed on WebServers, Routers, Appliances alongwith Expiry Dates and Owners

     *  Send Alert (SMS / Email) when size of Tablespace or an Important File increases beyond set threshold

     *  Massage the output of IT tools and convert them into requisite format (IT teams spent MAXIMUM time for this activity in juggling Excel files)

     We have developed a Security & IT Automation Product - HOT Password Manager

***** The Automation of IT activities / processes has potential to save upto 25 days of time of SysAdmin / DBA teams per activity *****.

We have unique way of training where you learn the tricks of the trade and Tehnology topics in-depth. We have training programs for :

     *  .NET Nuggets - Learn working C# codes - Nuggets. These modules adds value to your .NET Applications. Covers working programs in:

           #  CLR, IPC, COM, PowerShell, FileSystems, Cryptography, WMI, Security Manager
           #  Windows Credential Manager, Windows Services, ActiveX Controls, EventLogs, ...

     *  Linux System Administration - Hands on course that teaches the administration, security, networking & performance tasks on Linux

     *  CobiT (IT Governance) - Introduction and Implementation of CobiT

     *  Cryptography Inside Out - Detailed explanation of Cryptography concepts using C / C# programs where necessary covering concepts like:

           #  PKI, SSL, HTTPS, CA, RA, CPS, CRL, Digital Certificate, Digital Signature, Digital Envelopes
           #  Encryption / Decryption, Hashes (MD / SHA), Password Based Key Derivation Function, etc.

     *  USB Explained - Explanation of USB ports using Jan Axelson's USB Complete. Create your own USB Device / Write Firmware in C / C#.

     *  Windows PowerShell - Tap the power of powerful Shell scripting language of Windows PowerShell.

Information Security
We provide following Services under this : Security Review, Setup Enterprise Security, Compliance Assessment, Risk Management, Hardening Review, Security Audits
Compliance to Regulatory requirements / Organizational Policies and Industry Standards
We have requisite experience in dealing with the Regulators and the Management of the Organizations for formation of IT Governance and Information Security Policies / Standards. This expertise of understanding the Management Intent and Interpretation of Regulatory requirements helps us in giving sound advise to our clients and assist them to implement, achieve and maintain Compliance.

     *  Banking Regulators - RBI / HKMA / MAS

     *  Insurance Regulators - IRDA

     *  US FDA 21 CFR Part 11

     *  SAFE - Regulations for Customs House

Some of these Services / Solutions are really unique as we work upon the internals of the OS, Database, Network and Processes (both, IT and Business Processes) to produce results.

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