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Our Innovative and Award Winning Creation - HOT endpoint Password Manager (HePM)

HOT endpoint Password Manager

   HOT endpoint Password Manager (HePM)
- A centralized application that identifies and takes over control of all Local Privileged IDs (PIDs) on endpoints (desktops / laptops). It Secures and Automates the process for managing Local Administrative passwords on endpoints, thereby enhancing the endpoint security. e.g. Since endusers doesn't have enough permissions on the desktop / laptop they are working on, HePM Prevents Ransomware or Prevents data leakage or Prevents installation of unauthorized software ...

It randomly generates Cryptographically Strong Passwords for multiple PIDs on multiple endpoints and changes at once on all endpoints. This ensures Unique passwords for each PID. The Passwords are then Encrypted and stored in Secure Password Valut that can be opened only with Master Vault Password.

PID passwords are not known to anybody, not even IT team. Passwords stored in Vault can be retrieved anytime on need basis. It effectively enforces privileged access restriction on endpoints only for administrative work and maintains Audit Trail of all the activities performed using this tool.

You can use this evaluation copy and check its usefulness to your environment. While it is built to use as it is for small setups, medium & large setup will require careful study and deployed accordingly. Adequate testing must be performed before putting into production use.

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Tested & Supported on : Intel CPU, Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2 Standard. Works well on 32 bits Operating Systems (Requires .NET v4.x)

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